What other tests have you taken and how do your results compare?


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Predictive Index, Myers Briggs, Personalysis (color graph)

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Growth Seeker as my best match and Explorer and Adventurer as good match. This aligns quite good with the ISTP personality type I received in the other test (and I confirmed and typed myself with the knowledge of the 8 cognitive functions).

Similarities are some parts of the questions or at least I recognized which cognitive functions they were asking for.

Difference is that you have more data, also because you asked a lot more questions and could translate it to some other traits which was quite nice to see.

Items I came across which did not seem to come out right:

Empathy is not tracked completely. I might be low on somatic empathy, but my cognitive empathy is quite high. Cognitive empathy is not reflected in the test at all which results in a really low score while the score should be at 30% at least. I think it was Nurturing. "You tend to be less sensitive and aware of people's needs, feelings, and tendencies." - I'm actually quite aware, it's just that I usually do not act on it as I feel it is inauthentic.

Another one is Detailed and Reliable:

"You tend to be less organized, neat and orderly, don't pay much attention to deadlines, and are generally less structured and focused on details." - I see the organizational stuff, but less focused on details does not seem to make sense to me as I'm often told that I can be meticulous. I believe the description could be different or the details part might not fit in the category. Is this part similar to Introverted Sensing (Si)?

Just my comments =)


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