How to strive for a new venture during this pandemic?


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Money helps to bring people to join your cause. If you don't have that, then figure out what specific type of people you need and look for them in your social network. Have you already done this?

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Hi Dalton 

(WARNING: Advice is given based on little information about the situation) 
I think the best way for you to attract like-minded people is to effectively articulate and communicate your vision and mission for the company. If you can get other people to imagine what you imagine and communicate WHY this is important to accomplish, like-minded people will hear and they will come. 

This is step #1 in the 5 step process. 

If you're having difficulty doing this, find someone in your personal network who's good at it or ask for help here. None of us are good at every step of the process, so asking for help (like you're doing now) is important. 

This leads us to step #2: Don't tolerate your problems! 
Since you're a doctor I can only assume that you're good at Step #2 and #3 (Accurately diagnose the problems to get to their root causes. 

Use your strengths, manage your weaknesses and build a great team :) 
Best of luck  


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