A little help: the General description of each of the archetype islands


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Hi Kai. Thanks for the question. Here is some info on the archetype islands. For more, please also check out our FAQ: https://support.principlesyou.com/hc/en-us/articles/360060926791-Research-Development-of-PrinciplesYou


Each “Archetype” island contains archetypes that are related by some more fundamental traits. This is meant to help people understand not just the nuances of each type but some more fundamental attributes that connect them. However, there are interesting relationships beyond each island as well. The proximity of the islands is a general representation of how closely they relate. And the trait names in the water are general indicators of what connects them. For instance, Enthusiasts are connected to Advocates through traits around Extraversion, and to Creators on their other side through traits around Creativity and Originality. These are not precise however, they are meant to be evocative and helpful as you explore the landscape of your own and others’ personality differences. 


Enthusiasts tend to be highly expressive and often witty and light-hearted. They eagerly engage with others to advance mutual causes.


Fighters enjoy fighting for beliefs and ideas. They tend to be direct, feisty and blunt in communication


Leaders share traits that help them take charge, motivate others, or set demanding standards that they hold themselves and others accountable to seeing through.


Creators tend to be excited by novelty and disruptive of conventional ways of thinking and doing.


Advocates motivate others to their highest potential through inspiration and example


Givers display genuine interest in other people. They tend to be nurturing, empathetic and caring.


Architects engage with creating the strategic planning and oversight needed to bring people and resources together and get things done.


Producers tend to be "Can do" people who are practical and pragmatic in dealing with everyday issues. They may be more technical than theoretical in their approach to challenging projects


Seekers tend to be deeply motivated to challenge themselves and pursue projects that promote personal growth


Individualists are aligned by their independent-mindedness and originality. While they are their own group, they are aligned closely with Creators who tend to be excited by novelty and disruptive of conventional ways of thinking and doing.

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I just like how the Individualist archetype is all by herself on her own island. It's like that meme: Forever Alone. It's hilarious. John Donne has a poem:

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man 

is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;"

Apparently not for the Individualist archetype though. "I wouldn't worry about them. Like I said, it's my island." - Stephen, Braveheart (1995)

So... let's a build a bridge to that Individualist's island shall we, so she can come visit the rest of us on our islands. And that's what this community is for right? We're building the bridges between all of us so we can understand ourselves and each other better. We're learning how to live within a community of well-developed differences in harmony.

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Thanks, Curtis!


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